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About Us

Welcome to Hidden Hollow greenhouse, located in the country just south of the Twin Cities metro area. We are open during the Spring to offer gardeners a wide variety of annual flowers, vegetable plants, hanging baskets and potted arrangements. All grown on site.  

Stay Inspired

Gardening is a pleasure with no requirement for perfection. Keep it in perspective and take time to marvel at the unique beauty of your flowers and the bounty of the vegetable garden.  

View our Inspirations page to spark your own ideas and follow us.

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From Blooms to Veggies, we have the plants you need
Spring opening April 20th 2024
Current Information
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Greenhouse spring opening April 20th!

We are busy in the greenhouse planting and look forward to seeing you soon.  We will be opening our doors to the public April 20th.  In the meantime, start planning your garden by reviewing our catalog of plants and gallery of inspirations.

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