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Originating from Czechoslovakia, this is an early tomato that bears an abundance of 2”, 3-4oz, flavorful and sweet tomatoes in clusters of 5 or more. Compact and good for containers. Performs well in northern climates. This variety has become a garden favorite for its earliness, productivity, and truly wonderful taste.

Tomato - Stupice

  • Product Detail

    • Cocktail type
    • Good in large containers
    • Indeterminate
    • Maturity 50-72 days
  • Size

    Single pot
  • Availability

    Warm weather plant availability, such as tomatoes and peppers, will begin approximately the end of the first full week in May.  However, we recommend that you do not plant outdoors in ground sooner than the third week of May, or later if it is a late spring.

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